About us

We are a bunch of enthusiastic folks who got together to simplify life of the people of Kodagu. We belong here and we understand the needs of the community. We wanted to bring in an exciting experience in terms of news, marketplace ,jobs and shopping. Kodagu now resulted as an honest attempt to bring Kodagu at the fingertips and cover all aspect of life in a single platform making life easy for people of Kodagu.

Our History

Kodagu Now has a really interesting story behind its start-up. The super exciting story begins when the backbones of the Company, Bishen Ponnanna and Vipul Uthaiah met in December 2020 amidst the pandemic. They hoped to put their business ideas, which had taken a serious plot in their cerebral zones, into action. Two different personalities with the same vision came together to establish something purposeful for their community. The love for their community grew into a start up- Kodagu Now. While the Founder and Developer Vipul was responsible to bring ideas into action through his technical know-how, the Co-founder and Business Analyst Bishen focused on building the service right through his proactive and rational business ideologies. The constant efforts of the entire team comprising exceptionally talented individuals like Siemen Subbaiah ,Rishi Raj Singh, Divyansh ,Sambit Majhi,Chinmaya Kotian,Rakshit,Mrinal have led to the successful establishment of Kodagu Now.

Our Team

pic-Vipul Uthaiah

Vipul Uthaiah

(Founder & Developer)

pic-Bishen ponnanna

Bishen Ponnanna

(Co-Founder & Business Analyst)

pic-Bishen ponnanna

Gowtham Bopanna

(Marketing Manager)



(Marketing Head)

pic-siemen subbaiah

Siemen Subbaiah

(Full Stack Web Developer)

pic-Sambit Majhi

Sambit Majhi

Full stack web & app developer

pic-Sambit Majhi

Nityasmit Mallick

Full stack app developer

pic-Rishi Raj Singh

Rishi Raj Singh

(App Developer)

pic-Divyansh Khandelwal

Divyansh Khandelwal

(Backend Developer & Devops)


Sayan Nath

(Full Stack Developer & Junior Data Scientist)

pic-Chinmaya Kotian

Chinmaya Kotian

(VFX Artist)



(SEO/SEM Specialist)

pic-Ankith Choudhary

Ankith Choudhary

(Ad Director)